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Why Does Content Matter with Your Local SEO Strategy?

Four out of five consumers look up local information using search engines. Eighteen percent of mobile local searches lead to purchase within a day. All of this means that local SEO is a necessity. Without this strategy in your digital marketing program, you could lose valuable opportunities. With it, you could boost your ranking on the search…

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How Do You Enhance Results for Your Local SEO Campaigns?

Leveraging your social media platforms with your strategy helps boost your website’s position in search engines. It has become critical to use the right social networking site to increase brand awareness in today’s digital landscape. Google may have pointed out that it doesn’t consider social media signals directly in the ranking of websites, but the platform can…

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From Likes To Leads: How Social Media Is Driving Businesses

The past few years have seen technology grow social media from a simple network of people to a legitimate experience-sharing platform that millions of people use. In Canada alone, over 22 million people have at least one social media account. Leveraging this popularity to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign can greatly benefit any company. Imagine tapping…

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The Effects of Using a Fake Address for Your Google My Business Page

Local SEO allows businesses to attract more online attention by appearing on higher listings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Parameters like service, location, and name are what Google uses to judge the relevance of your business’ site — the more relevant your site is, the higher your ranking. But because of its fast-paced —…

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